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We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as an Manufacturer & Exporter of Tibetan & Indian Singing Bowls. We have a very unique and old traditional way of manufacturing the Singing Bowls with different composition to give the perfect tuning to the Bowls having different shapes, sizes & weights.

This Specialization in Manufacturing Singing Bowls has come after the many years of hard work & dedication on Reserch & Development by interaction with traditional work force and professional Metullurgical specialist in similar field.

After manufacturing, further processing and finally the unique ageing treatment makes the Bowls to attain perfect tonal quality. “OUR TECHNIQUE IS UNIQUE IN INDIA AND NO OTHER MANUFACTURER PRACTICES IT “

We are the main suppliers of Singing Bowls to our valued client in Germany, who in turn retails it to many other countries in Europe, apart from Germany since 1996.

In Partnership, with our main Importer in Germany, we make Special Singing Bowls for them and we only manufacture those kinds of Bowls for them, which is very unique & Traditional. You can Order & Purchase those Special Singing Bowls from our Importer in Germany only.

We also Manufacture Very Large Singing Bowls Specially developed sizes are from 24” to 36” in diameter.

We also manufacture Gongs from 16” to 24” in Sizes with perfect tonal quality & also Wooden & Metallic Gong Stand.

We also manufacture & supply the different kinds of Sticks & Cushions used for Singing Bowls.

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